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One size or style of hearing aid doesn't fit all

I love it when people come in and have educated themselves on hearing aids and know what they want. If it is a realistic want then I can accommodate that and more. However, after testing someone, their wants may not always match what will actually work for them.

Check out this link from my first blog post which explains hearing loss and my beliefs.

There are so many different brands (i.e. ReSound, Phonak, Signia, Oticon, Starkey, Unitron, Widex), styles (i.e. ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC, RIC, BTE), rechargeable or battery operated and more accessories than you can believe. Your individual hearing loss, word test scores, lifestyle, dexterity issues etc. will determine what style and hearing aid brand is best for you.

I firmly believe there is a hearing aid available for everyone as well as everyone’s budget. These things matter and while I usually recommend premium hearing devices for everyone, I also appreciate everyone’s budget. I would rather see someone leave my office with basic level technology that they can afford then walk away without getting help with their hearing loss. I always offer an honest no pressure approach. You can ask me anything hearing aid/loss related and I will give you an honest answer. Here is the link for some FAQs on our website:

Typically, everyone wants as tiny a hearing aid as possible and it work directly with their smart phones and be rechargeable. This is just not possible. Again, we will always have an honest conversation about your individual hearing loss and your wants versus your needs. There are many advertisements circulating the internet that claim they give you all three of the above, but trust me, it isn’t true. The Best Nano hearing device is one online distributor for a fraction of the cost and it is truly not a hearing aid, it is a personal sound amplifier and it does not take your individual hearing loss into account. It will only turn sounds up or turn them down. You can do that with Donald Duck and I wouldn’t understand him any better, louder or softer.

The first step is always a baseline hearing evaluation. This process takes about an hour and we never charge for this appointment. Everyone needs to know their baseline. I encourage everyone to have a baseline test done. It is painless and quick and then you know what you are dealing with. Did you know the average person with hearing loss waits 4 to 6 years before purchasing their first set of hearing aids?₁ Don’t be average!!!! Empower yourself with better hearing and allow Elevate Hearing Aid Center to help you.

Check out our webpage at or call us at 540-785-4676 to schedule your hearing evaluation! Elevate your hearing, Elevate your life.

₁Powers, T.A. & Rogin, C.M. (2019)

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